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She’s so glorious.

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Oct 30


When you drag a friend into one of your fandoms and watch them go from enjoying it to slowly falling into despair because they weren’t expecting to become so emotionally invested in it

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Jul 25

New Misfits gang BTS

My heart hurts. But the new guy is cute.

New Misfits gang BTS

My heart hurts. But the new guy is cute.

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Jul 20


I like you. But Nathan was/is my bby and I miss him :(

I love Rudy, though.

Jul 14


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this is crrrazzzzy series!

 Simon a sweet boy  … very charm of his face!!

 Yes, I love this couple Simon and Alisha.  

Jul 6

How to make me cry in ten words or less: (add your own)

  • Sherlock: Goodbye, John.
  • Avengers: You can't kill me, I know, I've tried!
  • Thor: I could have done it, Father!
  • Captain America: I had a date.
  • Hunger Games: Real.
  • Harry Potter: Always.
  • Avatar the Last Airbender: Leaves from the vine
  • TFIOS: Okay.
  • TFiOS also: I love you present tense.
  • Doctor Who: I don't want to go!
  • Doctor Who: I was gonna be with you....forever.
  • Sherlock: Don't... be... dead.
  • Avengers: So that's what it does...
  • Legend of Korra: That lady is my hero.
  • Martin Crieff: And sometimes, for a treat, I have a baked potato!
  • Star Trek: I have been, and always shall be, your friend.
  • Firefly: I am a leaf on the wind
  • Buffy: No, you don't. But it's nice of you to say.
  • Cabin Pressure: Just . . . so you know, I'm not asking because I'm greedy.
  • The Lord of the Rings: You don't mean that. You can't leave.
  • Star Wars: IT'S A TRAP!
  • Misfits: I have to go back.

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